Below is a list of links you might find useful. If there is a site I haven’t included that has helped you, please let me know via the contact page so that I can add it.

NCT: The UK’s largest charity for parents

This charity guides you all the way from the beginning of your pregnancy, and on through the first two years of your child’s life. It also offers antenatal and postnatal courses.

MIND: The Mental Health Charity

Offers help and support for all areas of mental health.

BABYCENTRE: Pregnancy, baby and toddler health information

Whether you are trying to conceive or losing control to toddler tantrums, this website is packed full of helpful information. Calculate your due date, join a birth club, and get involved in forums covering a wide variety of topics.

NHS: Pregnancy and baby guide

Information on what the NHS has to offer for expectant mums and their babies, including birth plans, healthy diets, scans and vaccines.

Postnatal depression:

Postnatal depression in fathers:

Postnatal OCD: